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Ad Safety First

In 2017, 1B$ has been lost by Ad Networks, Advertisers and Publishers in Malvertising.

Who do we protect: Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges, Publishers.
From: non-compliant or malicious advertisement.
How do we do it? With our Worldwide Mobile Meta Network Crawlers which detect and alert everytime they run into malvertising.


DCB Protect

In 2017,  3B$ have been lost by Advertisers, App developers, Mobile Carriers Billing providers In Performance Fraud.

Who do we protect: Agencies and DSP, Advertisers, Mobile Payment Providers.
From: Fraudulent transactions, App Instal or Clicks.
How do we do it? By installing a protection kit on advertiser’s pages or in-app (SDK) with AI based detection which blocks transaction capabilities and alerts.


We provide access to our Worldwide Mobile Meta Network through different tools (Chrome Extension, iOS & Android apps, etc) giving our customers the possibility to see and control ads and DCB transaction in their real environment.




CEO – David Lotfi – CTO Wister for 11 years / Telecom ParisTech Engineer

COO – Matt Oldfield – COO Wister for 11 years

VP R&D – Laurent Baquiast – Founder/CEO Wister for 14 years / Telecom ParisTech Engineer

CFO – Richard Durieux – Founder/CFO Wister for 14 years

VP Sales – Guy Nicolas – Founder/VP Sales Wister for 14 years – Former Sprint / Global One Director


Our values



We encourage our people to be even more ambitious than we were when we created the company. This means pushing the boundaries of what seems at first impossible even further.


We want our people to be happy at work and after work.


People are happy when they feel they can be honest with each other without fear of being judged or reprimanded.


Being transparent starts by being honest with one’s self. If you cannot deliver on the deadline you promised or if you were wrong about something, it’s OK to say it and it’s even better to say it immediately. Saying “I don’t know” is fine, saying “I don’t know but I will look into it” is even better.


We highly encourage people to support one another. This means going the extra mile to help out someone even if it doesn’t have an immediate benefit for oneself.

We are hiring


We are always looking for great talents. Don’t hesitate to send us your spontaneous application. We don’t usually answer copy & paste applications so be sure to personalize your message. Tell us what you think you can bring to our team, what you are proud of, etc.

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